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Early Career Development Pearls of Wisdom

Early Career Development Pearls of Wisdom

Early Career Development- Pearls of Wisdom
(In no particular order)
Courtesy of Robert N. Jamison, PhD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

J – Join societies and boards. Volunteer as a reviewer for professional journals and be a member of editorial boards. You learn a lot by reviewing others’ work. Join committees and society boards. It is important to get your name out there and be seen.

A – Answer questions you may see in your practice. Recruit from the patients you see (no need for a lab for every question).

M – Master your time. Take advantage of nonclinical time or missed patient appointments. Have projects you can jump to when there is any unexpected free time.

I – Initiate contact with potential collaborators and mentors. Get to know those individuals who you admire. Also foster a relationship with those who may have a skill that you don’t have (ex. biostatistician, epidemiologist, clinical specialist).

S – Seek out any sort of funding.  Be creative. Look for funding in your department, college, foundations, industry. Not very many people get funded through NIH. Some project may require very little support.

O – Organize a career research plan.  Focus on an area that is interesting to you and in which you can be known as the specialist. consider small steps with any study area. Start with preliminary studies, present posters and abstracts, write them up as papers.

N – Nurture your reputation. How others see you greatly affects their willingness to collaborate with you. Think of the Golden Rule – do unto others. Think of the Kindergarten Rule – if you can’t play nicely with others no one will want to play with you.

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