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Funding Opportunities for Early Career Investigators at the NIGMS

Funding Opportunities for Early Career Investigators at the NIGMS


The NIH will almost certainly be your #1 source of support when it comes time to launch your indenpedent research program. The first steps are often the hardest. In related news, the average age for a first R01 grant is at an all time high of 46. The NIH has sought to address this over the years, defining Early Stage Investigators as a privileged category of applicants in 2008. More recently, the NIH has rolled out the Next Generation Researchers Initiative to complement a growing number of mechanisms aimed at developing junior investigators (not without some minor controversy).

So, how can you avail yourself of these NIH-funded opportunities? We present to you, with permission, “Funding Opportunities for Early Career Investigators at the NIGMS”, presented at the IARS 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC by Dr. Alison Cole, PhD. This presentation is a companion to one we recently posted, where Dr. Cole lays out a top-level view of NIH mechanisms designed to transition researchers to independence. See the link for more detail on funding mechanisms. Once again, huge thanks to Dr. Cole! As the Chief of the Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences Branch at the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), she has had many grants from anesthesiologists cross her desk, and we are thrilled to have her involved in eSAS.

Early Funding from the NIGMS


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