Eight tips for obtaining research funding

Tips for Obtaining NIH Grant Funding Courtesy of Laure Aurelian, PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine   Have a good idea; consider issues, questions and controversies. Identify appropriate institute; talk to PO. Establish your independence potential. Define your priorities and achievements; training to complement. Generate relevant preliminary data. Discuss potential problems and pitfa...

Early Career Development Pearls of Wisdom

Early Career Development- Pearls of Wisdom (In no particular order) Courtesy of Robert N. Jamison, PhD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital J – Join societies and boards. Volunteer as a reviewer for professional journals and be a member of editorial boards. You learn a lot by reviewing others’ work. Join committees and society boards. It is important to get your name out there and be ...

eSAS – Nurturing the next generation of academic anesthesiologists

This article was published in the Spring AUA Newsletter and discusses the goals of eSAS and the plans for the Scholars Program at the May 2016 AUA/IARS joint meeting. *Please note that since this article was written we have updated our group’s name to early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars Scholars’ Program comes to AUA/IARS! Elizabeth L Whitlock, MD, MSc; Vivianne L Tawfik, MD, PhD This year’s...

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