Author: Vivianne Tawfik

Scholars Program at IARS 2017!

Join your eSAS colleagues as well as IARS members from around the world for this exciting Scholar-targeted programming! Academic anesthesiology and medicine are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world, where opportunities abound but obstacles are plentiful. This uncertainty is exacerbated with diverse pressures facing young scholars and a lack of specific tools and encouragement to pursue ...

Picking A Research-Oriented Anesthesiology Residency By Boris Heifets, MD, PhD

By Boris Heifets, MD, PhD (Stanford University) You’re finishing med school. You did a PhD, or spent serious time doing research. You are shocked how much you love anesthesiology (not quite what you expected a few years ago). Somewhat less shocking: you alone, among your peers, are going down this road instead of a research-track residency in medicine/peds/path. Can you really combine a career in ...

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