NIDUS Seeking Proposals for $50,000 Pilot Grants!

The Network for Investigation of Delirium across the U.S. (NIDUS) is offering two $50,000 pilot grants for proposals related to delirium research. The purpose of these awards is to encourage innovative research that will advance investigation in delirium and lead to future grant funding. Applications are due on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 5:00pm EST. Proposals must be related to delirium research in the following priority areas: Risk factors, prognosis, outcomes; Pathophysiology, mechanisms, biomarkers, genomics and other –‘omics’ approaches; Diagnostic tools and phenomenology; Clinical interventions for prevention and treatment. Two application tracks are available: junior investigator track and established investigator track. Open to U.S.-based and international researchers. Please visit o...

Eight tips for obtaining research funding

Tips for Obtaining NIH Grant Funding Courtesy of Laure Aurelian, PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine   Have a good idea; consider issues, questions and controversies. Identify appropriate institute; talk to PO. Establish your independence potential. Define your priorities and achievements; training to complement. Generate relevant preliminary data. Discuss potential problems and pitfalls. Describe alternate strategies. Use clear and concise writing style; proofread and critique your own proposal Seek mentoring, enlist collaboration and read successful proposals models.

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